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Robot Birds Could Help End Bird Strikes On Airplanes

Sep 9, 2017 News by Gary Searing
This is an article based on a paper delivered by Katie Genter at the Bird Strike Conference in Chicago in 2016. Everyone knows about the Miracle on the Hudson, but you might not know that approximately one in every 2,000 flights experiences a bird strike. A vast majority of these don’t end with a plane ditched […]

Officials fear bird-aircraft collision disaster

Jun 14, 2017 News by Gary Searing
Aircraft often strike flying birds and birds can even disable aircraft. The bird-strike risk is so serious that the Canada Gazette has warned that "a multiple-strike will (soon) result in the crash of a large jetliner.” According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, officials are bracing for a major jetliner crash due to a bird-aircraft […]

Robotic falcons to scare away real birds at Edmonton airport

May 11, 2017 News by Gary Searing
Netherlands-based company says using robot falcons to chase real birds from flight paths 'historic' Edmonton International Airport will soon become one of the first airports in the world to use robotic falcons to chase birds from flight paths and discourage nearby nesting. "EIA is excited to trial this new technology," said Steve Rumley, the airport's vice-president of […]

Careful Crop Selection Near Airports Could Reduce Bird Strikes

Apr 28, 2017 News by Gary Searing
The first documented collision between a bird and an airplane was reported by the Wright brothers in the early 1900s. Now, about three dozen bird strikes happen each day in the United States, with 5 to 7 percent damaging the plane, according to Michael Begier, the Department of Agriculture’s National Coordinator for the Airport Wildlife […]

Birds, equipment issues caused B-52 bomber crash in Guam

Apr 27, 2017 News by Gary Searing
BISMARCK, N.D. — An Air Force investigation has concluded that birds and mechanical issues — not pilot error — caused the crash of a B-52 bomber in Guam a year ago. The bomber from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota aborted takeoff during a routine training mission the morning of May 19, 2016, and […]

China to debut world’s first bird ‘airport’

Feb 28, 2017 News by Gary Searing
Tianjin's wetland sanctuary will serve as a rest stop for peckish migratory birds traveling along one of the world's major flyways. Lingang Bird Sanctuary is an 'airport' designed with the safety and well-being of migratory waterbirds in mind. (Rendering: McGregor Coxall) “Birds” and “airports” are two words that, paired together, don’t normally paint the most […]

Zebra stripes keep birds from colliding with aircraft

Feb 8, 2017 News by Gary Searing
Zebra stripe on the propellers of the aircraft can prevent the colliding with birds in the air, said the scientists from the University of Oslo’s Natural History Museum. They prove that monochrome stripes can scare birds away from planes and to reduce the incident in the air. The colliding of the aircraft with the birds in […]