Cessna Suffers Major Damage from Bird Strike

Cessna Suffers Major Damage from Bird Strike

Dec 4, 2014 News by Gary Searing


Cape Town – While zipping through the air in an aircraft the size of a Volkswagen beetle may be a thrilling experience, there's also something truly terrifying about how vulnerable it makes you.

Whereas you can easily imagine yourself safe from danger when cruising at 35 000 feet in a Boeing 747, practically being able to feel the wind in your hair while travelling in a Cessna, makes you very aware of just how vulnerable you really are.

Online aviation magazine from South Africa, Pilot's Post recently shared some truly hair-raising pictures on their Facebook page of the devastating consequences a bird strike can have have on light aircraft. 

The incident happened in Shakwe, Botswana on 1 December 2014 and South African pilot, Chris van Rensburg is now at risk of losing his eye due to the accident.