Bird strike leaves hole in wing of Southwest Airlines plane

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Panic in mid-air as bird strike leaves 'hole' in wing and witnesses spot flames shooting from jet engine of Southwest Airlines plane carrying 150 passengers

  • Plane collided with bird while travelling to Baltimore from San Antonio
  • Witness said he heard a rumbling noise and saw the plane 'on fire'
  • Plane landed safely in Baltimore and was removed from service for repairs 

By Chris Kitching for MailOnline

The Southwest Airlines Boeing 737  carrying 142 passengers, plus crew, from San Antonio to Baltimore was forced to make an emergency landing after a bird strike reportedly left a hole in one of the plane's wings.

A witness on the ground said: ‘It rumbled my house, I know that much. [The plane] was low and she was on fire. She had flames coming from underneath and on the sides.

‘She was burning. It sounded like a carburettor, a racing car misfiring, sputtering… that’s what it sounded like and it rocked the house once she went over top.’

Published: 10:30 GMT, 13 December 2014 | Updated: 15:41 GMT, 13 December 2014