A Global Strategy for Addressing Wildlife Strike Hazard to Aviation

Th​is joint International Civil Avaitio​n Organization (ICAO) / Airports Council International (ACI) WIldlife Strike Hazard Reduction Symposium aims at increasing the international awareness of the wildlife strike threat to aircraft operational safety; building an international community to exchange ideas, experiences and cooperative efforts to better manage wildlife strike hazard on and in the vicinity of airports; and advancing new technologies and formulating effective strategies in preventing and mitigating the risk of wildlife strikes to aircraft. The event will also be an opportunity for networking, collaboration and coordination between States, industry and other stakeholders.

An industry exhibit will showcase the breadth of existing and emerging technologies, and research and development activities of this industry sector. ​The symposium will be held in English only.
Intended Outcomes

  • ​Increasing international awareness of the wildlife strike threat to aircraft operational safety.
  • Strengthening implementation of ICAO SARPs on wildlife control and reduction and application of guidance material.
  • Exchange of best practices for wildlife management programmes and techniques.
  • Exploration of new technologies to minimize the risk of wildlife strikes.
  • Understanding of the roles of existing bird strike committees.
  • Enhancement of wildlife strike reporting.
  • Formulation of global strategies to address wildlife strike hazards



Tuesday, May 16, 2017 to Thursday, May 18, 2017


Assembly Hall, ICAO Headquarters, Montreal, Canada