Incident: British Airways B772 at Toronto on Dec 28th 2011, flock of birds

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A British Airways Boeing 777-200, registration G-VIIU performing flight BA-93 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Toronto,ON (Canada), had already intercepted Toronto's localizer runway 33R descending from 4000 to 3000 feet about 9nm before touchdown, when the crew reported a bird strike, but continued for a safe landing on runway 33R and taxied to the gate.
A postflight inspection revealed the aircraft received two large dents to the leading edge of the left hand wing and one large dent on the #1 engine inlet.
A replacement Boeing 747-400 registration G-BNLT was dispatched from New York JFK,NY (USA) to Toronto and performed the return flight BA-92 from Toronto to London Heathrow reaching London with a delay of 8:15 hours.
The Canadian TSB reported on Jan 3rd 2012 the aircraft encountered a flock of large grey birds and received about 4-5 bird strikes. No anomalies were observed on the engine instruments and the crew completed a normal landing and taxied to the gate. The aircraft received damage to the leading edge of the left wing, damage to the nacelle of the left hand engine as well as damage to the underside of the right wing