At Least 20 Canadian Military Aircraft Lost to Birdstrikes from 1944 to 2004, Says Researcher

Friday, August 3, 2012

Source: Ottawa Citizen by David Pugliese and based on an interview with BSAC member W. John Richardson

At least 20 Canadian military aircraft were lost to birdstrikes from 1944 to 2004. The 1944 RCAF accident involved a 4-engined Halifax bomber written off in Yorkshire, England, as a result of a birdstrike.  The 2004 accident involved a Hawk jet trainer that crashed at Moose Jaw, Sask., after a birdstrike. The other 18 (or more) Canadian military aircraft known to have been lost to birds involved at least 14 CF-104 fighters that crashed in Alberta, Sask., and Europe, and 4 Tutor trainers lost in Alberta and Sask.  One of the Tutor accidents, at Regina in 1976, was fatal to the two aircrew.   At least one USAF fighter has crashed in Canada as a result of a birdstrike — an F-16 that collided with a White Pelican in Alberta in 2000. To read the entire article go to