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Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG)

We are now taking registrations for the 2016 AAWHG Forum taking place 3-4 November 2016
This Forum provides a  great opportunity for people involved in Wildlife Hazard Management, both from airports and the industry to learn from each other, hear the latest in research & technology, and interact with people who have the same interests.


Metering & Quantitative Evaluation in Bird Strike Problems

Bird strikes –collisions between birds and manmade structures -are increasing. Bird strikes are one of the most important safety issues in aircraft and aerodrome safety. Furthermore, bird injury and death associated with renewable energy installations is a growing challenge in wildlife management and regulation. Although bird strikes are governed by physics, animal behavior complicates the development of mitigation strategies, which require new scientific understanding and advanced engineering designs.


A Global Strategy for Addressing Wildlife Strike Hazard to Aviation

Th​is joint International Civil Avaitio​n Organization (ICAO) / Airports Council International (ACI) WIldlife Strike Hazard Reduction Symposium aims at increasing the international awareness of the wildlife strike threat to aircraft operational safety; building an international community to exchange ideas, experiences and cooperative efforts to better manage wildlife strike hazard on and in the vicinity of airports; and advancing new technologies and formulating effective strategies in preventing and mitigating the risk of wildlife strikes to aircraft.



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