FAA Bird Strike Requirements for Transport Category Airplanes

FAA Bird Strike Requirements for Transport Category Airplanes

Jul 18, 2015 News by Gary Searing

The FAA is soliciting public comment on the need for, and the possible scope of, changes to the bird strike certification requirements for transport category airplanes. There is no specific
regulatory action being proposed at this time. The purpose is simply to gather comments from airplane manufacturers and other interested parties on this subject. Because regulatory changes in the US will affect the design and manufacture of aircraft worldwide, any regulatory changes will have significant implications for Canada as well. We expect that Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) will track those of the US when it comes to aircraft design regulations.

Comments are invited relating to the technical or economic impact that might result from any future considerations, as well as any alternative suggestions. In particular, information, comments , and opinions are invited on the following questions:
1. Should the bird weight requirement be applied consistently across the airplane?
2. Should the bird weight requirement be increased, to eight pounds or some other value?
3. Should a “no-penetration” requirement be applied to the entire fuselage, not just the windshields?
4. Should the bird strike criteria be expanded to 10,000 feet?
5. Should the 0.85 speed reduction factor at 8000 feet, currently specified in §25.571, be removed?
6. Should the speed criterion for bird strikes be based on VMO rather than VC?

The entire FAA document is available at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2015-07-20/pdf/2015-17404.pdf