FAA Issues Draft Advisory Circular Regarding Airport Avian Radar Systems

FAA Issues Draft Advisory Circular Regarding Airport Avian Radar Systems

Nov 23, 2014 News by Gary Searing

1- FAA Issues Draft Advisory Circular on Airport Avian Radar Systems:

FAA has issued a DRAFT version of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5220-25, Airport Avian Radar Systems.  This AC provides the specifications, performance standards, and basic deployment principles of an AIP eligible avian radar system.    We are specifically interested in the number of airports that are investigating avian radar.  Please explain your feelings for or against the deployment of this system at your airport.  Additionally, please review the draft AC and provide comments back to Chris Oswald (coswald@aci-na.org) by Wednesday, August 18. Download DRAFT AC 150/5220-25 Airport Avian Radar Systems

2- ACI-NA Files Comments on Airside Heated Pavement System AC:

ACI-NA recently filed comments on the DRAFT version of AC 150/5370-xx, Airside Use of Heated Pavement Systems.  We urged FAA that additional guidance needs to be provided so that airport operators could make a more educated decision when investigating heated pavement systems.  Additionally, we raised a concern with FAA’s recent practice to issue ACs that establish AIP funding eligibility for specific technologies despite having shown no operational or safety analysis indicating a need or benefit for the product in question.

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