14 May 2009 CBC News Bird Strikes Increasing at Canadian Airports
14 May 2009 Truro Daily News Problems with birds on the rise at many Canadian airports, says report
16 September 2009 Wired Magazine Old Tech Finds New Use Fighting Big Problem
October-December 2010 Asia-Pacific Airports Dangerous Liaisons
September 2011 Aero News Annual Losses To Airlines From Strikes Estimated At $1.2 Billion
2 August 2012 CTV News Bird Strikes on the Rise at Vancouver Airport
7 October 2013 Canadian Skies Magazine The Nature of the Beast
1 March 2014 The Scientist Air Traffic

Conference Presentations

June 2010 North American Bird Strike Conference Differential susceptibility of aircraft to bird strikes
September 2010 IBSC Mandatory reporting: How good is good enough?
September 2010 IBSC A risk-based approach towards setting wildlife strike alert levels.
September 2012 BSAC Workshop Adverse effect (AE) strikes
September 2012 BSAC Workshop Improving standards for risk analysis and assessment
September 2013 SWIFT Airport Grass Management: Past, Present & Future
September 2015 North American Bird Strike Conference Survival and Management of Red-tailed Hawks at Vancouver
International Airport


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