Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc.

Accipiter Radar provides a number of Accipiter® airport radar systems that are specially designed to deliver affordable 2D and 3D Total Coverage® situational awareness through a comprehensive suite of software applications for live monitoring, automatic alerting and target activity analysis. This allows for the understanding of the movement and behaviour of birds and small aircraft such as drones in the airspace, animals and persons on the airfield, and airside vehicles which is critical to risk mitigation and airport safety management systems.

Aerium Analytics

Airport Wildlife Management International

Airport Wildlife Management International specializes in the development of innovative, state-of-the-art airport wildlife management programs, airport wildlife management training and ongoing program support to airports around the world.


Avisure aims to provide the aviation industry with world best processes, research and expert advice to reduce bird/wildlife strike and establish a benchmark for a global approach to bird/wildlife strike management. Avisure’s products include Management Programs, Management Audits, Training, Risk Assessments and Hazard Management Plans.

Bird Control Services Inc.

BCS’s methods have been carefully developed over 40 years for maximum effectiveness while at the same time being humane and environmentally friendly.

Canadian Base Operators

Canadian Base Operators is a performance based contractor providing facilities management, operations and logistic support services to the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) and commercial clients.

EBA, A Tetra Tech Company

EBA, A Tetra Tech Company is a values-based consulting firm focusing on the transportation, mining, energy and development sectors. Over the last 45 years, EBA has grown to provide a diverse range of consulting services throughout Canada. Our company is founded on the strong belief in our core values, which drive us to be a worldclass team in everything we do, and to support the development and careers of our employees while improving the communities in which we work.

Falcon Environmental Services Inc. 

Falcon Environmental Services (FES) started its activities before wildlife management was deemed anything more than a minimal need for airport and aircraft safety. With more than 20 years’ experience, FES has compiled a team of unparalleled experts in wildlife management. We offer our clients turnkey services including: consultation on wildlife hazards, risk assessments, SMS and wildlife management plans; integrated wildlife management programs; specialized training; custom software and more.  FES has operations in both Canada and the US.



We’re quite familiar with airport environments, having honed our skills during five years at the Montreal Trudeau Airport, and another fifteen years at the Montreal Mirabel Airport, where our falconry skills earned praises.

Expertise includes:

– Wildlife management and control
– On site analysis and identification
– Wildlife management training
– Capture and relocation of problem species
– Expertise to spay/neuter small mammals
– Inventory of the animal population
– Consultations



Hawkeye is the ONLY pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Ontario Area to possess all three of these licenses/permit:

Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit

Falconry Permit

Pest Control License

LGL Limited

Founded in 1971, we have built our reputation conducting benchmark environmental studies and providing expert advice. LGL provides biological and environmental research and consulting services to the public and private sectors.

Margo Supplies Ltd.

As wildlife management specialists, Margo Supplies Ltd. helps airfield personnel in making their BASH programs effective. Our radio-controlled on-demand propane cannons, “Shock & Awe” multi shot scare cartridge launchers, live traps and other management devices and techniques are used at military and civilian airports throughout the world. We have 30 years of experience working in a broad range of wildlife problems. We conduct our own intensive field-testing of the products we carry and we sell only products that have proven to be effective.

Nimby Wildlife Control

Let’s avoid the Legal Mess

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Preventative and Pro-Active Bird Control on Civil and Military Airports

Reducing Risk and Reducing Liability

Paul Adam, President

Pacific Northwest Raptors

Our innovative wildlife management programs offer a highly effective solution for airports, industrial sites (like landfills, mills, buildings, etc.) and agricultural sites. With our fantastic birds, we can help clear areas of problem species like gulls, starlings, geese, and many others. This applied falconry combined with our team of specialized biologists and wildlife management experts creates unique and effective solutions to wildlife issues.

Team Eagle

Team Eagle is a world-leading supplier of airfield solutions that target airfield management, maintenance and operations.  We sell and support industry best snow and ice control equipment and develop customized software to assist with incursion management, DEVS navigation, SMS, and runway condition reporting.