14 May 2009 CBC News Canadian Radar Helping Avert Bird Strikes at U.S. Airports
16 September 2009 Wired Magazine Old Tech Finds New Use Fighting Big Problem

Conference Presentations

September 2009 North American Bird Strike Conference Could Avian Radar have Prevented US Airways Flight 1549’s Bird Strike?
June 2010 IBSC Color vision as a model for precise altitude determination for avian radar
August 2008 North American Bird Strike Conference The Ability of Avian Radars to Track Near Miss Bird Strike Events: A Missing Informational Link.
June 2012 IBSC Aviation stakeholder management of bird strike risks – enhancing communication processes to pilots and air traffic controllers for information derived from avian radar
August 2012 Bird Strike Committee USA Meeting Avian Radar Design for Off-Airport Bird Threat Awareness for Pilots


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