Bird Strike Association of Canada

North American Airport Wildlife Management Conference

12-14 September 2023, Kelowna, British Columbia

Bird Strike Canada

We believe that the key to reduce damaging wildlife strikes to aircraft in Canada is by building a community of  professionals to exchange ideas, experiences and co-operative efforts to better manage wildlife at all Canadian airports.  It is through the ecological management of wildlife and the application of best practices that we will be successful in reducing strikes to aircraft. In pursuing these beliefs, we influence all aspects of airport wildlife management in Canada.

The Bird Strike Association of Canada (BSAC or Bird Strike Canada) is a leader in airport wildlife strike prevention. Through dialogue with the industry, Bird Strike Canada seeks and advances innovative ideas in aviation safety. Our mandate includes setting standards and addressing industry issues by formulating effective strategies and implementing change through regulatory means. Birdstrike  Canada is “The Canadian Voice of Wildlife Strike Prevention.”

The Bird Strike Canada is recognized by Transport Canada as Canada’s National Bird Strike Committee organized under the guidelines set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Training Document Now Available

BSAC is proud to announce release of its Airport Wildlife Management Technician Knowledge Requirements document. This is essentially a compliance document based completely on the training requirements set out in CARs 307 and 322 and fully referenced to those regulations. The document contains 16 sections outlining 126 required knowledge items and an additional two sections covering Professional Development and Guidance Materials. This is a “must-have” document for all Canadian Airports who strive to meet the full requirements set out in CARs.

Airport Wildlife Management Technician Knowledge Requirements


Upcoming events:

Sep 2023

North American Airport Wildlife Management Conference — 12/09/2023 - 14/09/2023 at All Day | Rotary Centre for the Arts — Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


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