2019 North American Bird Strike Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of 17th North American Bird Strike Conference

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International Session: Wildlife hazard management in Spanish aerodromes    Sepulveda_&_Garcia_2019

International Session: Mutual relationships between environment and airport    Wroblewski_et_al_2019

Keynote Address    Elfassy_2019

P1 Measuring effectiveness – strike data evaluations and standardization    Weller_2019

P2 Bird strike prevention – an operational approach    Metz_et_al_2019

P3 Bird strike are not random    Barnes_2019

P4 Bird strikes to aircraft sensors    Dolbeer_et_al_2019a

P5 Enhancing risk management for bird strikes    Lewis_2019

P6 Efficacy of robotic falcons as a bird strike reduction tool     Cicoria_2019

P7 Managing white-tailed deer populations on military installations to minimize the risk of strikes   Luna_2019

P8. An airline perspective on airport wildlife strikes Levanen_2019

P9. An airport perspective on airline-wildlife strike reporting  Osmek_2019

P10. The data delirium – Wildlife strike reporting gaps between countries Yearwood_&_Weller_2019

P11. Human fatalities and destroyed aircraft due to wildlife strikes, 1912 to present Shaw_et_al_2019

P12. Use caution, birds in vicinity Cooke_2019

P13. Thousands of images and the big picture: Long term and seasonal assessments using camera trapping Houston_2019

P14. Alternative land covers may not influence bird communities but how about extreme observations Iglay_et_al_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P15. Common themes within wildlife hazard management: Delivery of international best practice Baxter_&_Mountain_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P16. Urban concentration of large-mass flocking species: Strategies for a new airport in Australia Follett_et_al_2019. (Abstract & ppt)

P17. Wildlife hazard management: An analysis of wildlife-strike data in Brazil Mendoca_et_al_2019 (Abstract and ppt)

P18. Be proactive: The abundance-based strike risk index Allard_et_al_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P19. Premium methods for wildlife strike reduction Baxter_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P20. Long-term monitoring: An essential component of airport wildlife management programs Searing_&_Molina_2019

P21. Wildlife strikes: Investigate, litigate or prevaricate, Part II Shaw_&_McKee_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P22. The use of avian radar at Vancouver International airport to assess and manage bird strike Handrigan_&_Nohara_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P23. Deterrent effectiveness of PAR46 landing light with UVLED on bird behaviour Ronning_&_Swindell_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P24. The use of air cannons at Charles Kirkconnell International Airport – not presented

P25. Air rifles and their uses Frankian_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P26. Lasers, drones and speakers: The testing of bird control tools Fiola_et_al_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P27. Population increases of large bird species in North America pose challenges for aviation safety Dolbeer_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P28. Bird hazard mitigation training for Part 141 general aviation pilots: An experimental study Mendoca_et_al_2019b (Abstract & ppt)

P29. Invertebrate foraging by water birds, and the use of Acelepryn to reduce their invertebrate prey McCann_et_al_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P30. International partnering to prevent bird strikes: Diego Garcia Gosnell_et_al_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P31. Controlling deer populations: Managed archery hunt Lordemann_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P32. Snowy Owls in airport environments: Understanding habitat use and strike risk McCabe_et_al_2019 (Abstract)

P33. Analyzing bird strikes in fast-time Metz_et_al_2019b

P34. The challenges of wildlife mitigation at an FAA certified airport in a national wildlife refuge Anderson_2019b (Abstract & ppt)

P35. Making $ense: Promoting wildlife hazard mitigation and economic development near airports Harmon_&_Armstrong_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

P36. Data driven KPI’s in bird hazard management de_Ronde_2019 (Abstract & ppt)

Poster Abstracts

Modeling species-specific bird strike risk for U.S. military aircraft Bowe_et_al_2019

A Year in Photographs: Photographic Identifications of U.S. Air Force Wildlife Strikes Dove_et_al_2019

“Audubon International Raptor Relocation Network”: Data Tracking & Network Expansion Findlay_&_Kane_2019

Bridging the general aviation gap: Building parity with certificated airports in wildlife strike research Menon_&_Drake_2019

Turkey Vulture responses to approach by two unmanned aerial systems in a landfill: A preliminary study Pfeiffer_et_al_2019

European Starlings fly before they fledge Psiropoulos_&_Selner_2019


Exhibitors’ Presentations