Why become a Member?

As a member of  the Bird Strike Association of Canada since its inception, I have been enriched by getting to know other professionals in the field from across Canada. We would be a small group even if every airport in Canada became a member. The connections we form help build a national community of airport wildlife managers connecting them with each other and with professional support services. This is how we advance the practice of wildlife management at airports and lean on each other for support. For me, membership has been an important part of being able to do my job and keep current. – Gary Searing

Your membership in BSAC helps support the important work we are doing with you and on your behalf. While BSAC is a volunteer association with no paid staff, we have ongoing expenses that you can help support through your membership. We have also been active in meeting with Transport Canada in Ottawa so more members equates to a greater voice, and are hoping to take on more projects and direct communications with airports and the support industry as we move forward. As well, it costs money to host our biennial Canadian conferences. I hope you will consider taking out a corporate membership if you are with an airport or represent a company, or an individual membership if you are on your own. We appreciate your participation and support.

Which Membership is Right for You?

Corporate Membership

For airports, government agencies, airlines, consulting companies, suppliers and other companies and agencies that have a primary or secondary interest in wildlife hazards to aircraft. A corporate membership is taken out by an individual representing their organization, and allows up to 4 additional associate members with full membership benefits; allows for your logo and corporate description on this website and, while you retain a paid membership, allows you to use our logo and state that you are a member of Birdstrike Canada on your website and advertising. This membership category is our primary financial support and connects you with professionals across the country.

Individual Membership

This membership category is intended for those who are not with an employer who would ordinarily take out a corporate membership, but who maintain an interest in wildlife hazards to aircraft at a personal or professional level.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees for Corporate Memberships are $225/year or $600/3 years. Individual Memberships are $25/year.

Online payment of membership fees can be made by credit card after you have registered for an account with the form below.

Payment is received and receipts issued by Paypal, but no Paypal account is required.

You may also pay for annual membership fees by cheque through the mail to:

     Birdstrike Association of Canada
     9655 Ardmore Drive
     North Saanich, British Columbia
     Canada V8L 5H5

Member Information

Have questions about membership? Please e-mail  info@canadianbirdstrike.ca

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