Bird Strike Canada Seminar Series 2021

Conference style talks delivered to you

Because of the Covid pandemic the 2020 Bird Strike Canada Conference had to be cancelled. It is uncertain whether we can hold a conference in 2021. Therefore, we thought we would try to bring the conference to you through a series of 1-hr seminars on key topics of interest.

These seminars will also be of interest to those of you who are unable to attend conferences even without the pandemic and will allow us to engage speakers who would not travel to a conference because their main interest may not be airport wildlife management. Nevertheless their expertise is of great interest and value to those of us engaged in the field of aircraft-wildlife hazard mitigation.

A small fee is charged for these sessions primarily to cover the cost of hosting them and making them available. The cost is a fraction of what it would cost to attend a conference with these talks as part of the program.

Upcoming seminars: More seminars will be scheduled for the fall

Past Seminars: View recorded seminars

January 2021: Effects of COVID-19 on Airport Wildlife

February 2021: Wintering Raptors

March 2021: Understanding the Complex Lives of Migratory Animals

April 2021: Airport Vicinity Land Use Issues

May 2021: Advances in Technology for Airport Wildlife Management

June 2021: Coyotes