The Bruce MacKinnon Memorial Award is presented every two years at the North American Bird Strike Conference co-hosted by Birdstrike Canada and Bird Strike Committee-USA. The entire membership of Birdstrike Canada is eligible and encouraged to vote.


Dr. W. John Richardson, LGL Limited

John is a specialist in bird migration and avian hazards to aircraft. His academic training was in animal behaviour. Much of Dr. Richardson's research, since the mid-1960s, has concerned bird hazards to aircraft and bird movements over many parts of Canada, the U.S.A., and Puerto Rico. He is internationally known for his work on the effects of weather on the timing and characteristics of bird movements, including radar and visual studies, analyses, and reviews. His recent bird hazard to aircraft work has included landfill studies and analyses of the circumstances of serious birdstrike accidents, especially involving military aircraft. He has contributed numerous papers to bird strike conferences in Canada, North America and internationally. He is a current member of the Bird Strike Association of Canada.

Mac Kuhring

At the request of the National Research Council of Canada, in 1962 Mac formed the Associate Committee on Bird Hazards to Aircraft and acted as chair of that committee until 1973. During his tenure as chair the Committee he initiated the publication of “field notes” to ensure the rapid (at least for the 1960s) exchange of information for solutions to bird strike problems. Sixty-one field notes were produced under his chair. As well, in 1969, Canada hosted the first ever “World Conference on Bird Hazards to Aircraft” in Kingston, Ontario with 140 delegates from 21 countries. Together with Dr. Vic Solman, he was a primary force behind the establishment of Bird Strike Committee Europe in 1966. The International Bird Strike Committee (now WBA) awards the prestigious « Mike" Kuhring Prize for achievements of significance in improved flight safety concerning bird hazards to aviation.

Mark Adam, Falcon Environmental

Mark Adam is the founder of Falcon Environmental Services Inc. An entrepreneur / executive with management experience in a variety of business environments including extensive airport wildlife management experience, he is a dynamic leader with vision, organizational skills and a record of accomplishments built on the ability to create relationships, produce results and growth.  

Mr. Adam brings with him excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a capacity to handle projects and corporate clients on an international basis.  He is bilingual in English and French.

-The following nominations are members of the Steering Committee (Note that this is the first year that steering committee members are eligible to recieve the award).-

Rolph Davis, LGL Limited

Rolph A. Davis, PhD. has been involved with bird hazard to aircraft safety issues for 40 years. He was President of LGL Limited, one of Canada’s leading firms in this field, for 26 years and continues to serve as that firm’s Executive Chairman. He has conducted bird hazard assignments in 8 provinces and territories in Canada and 20 states and territories in the U.S.A. Dr. Davis has been involved with many of Transport Canada’s major initiatives to reduce bird hazards to aircraft safety at airports in Canada. He also served as a continuing consultant to National Defence Headquarters on bird hazard issues at Canadian air bases.

Pierre Molina, Falcon Environmental

Pierre Molina, biologist and executive director at Falcon Environmental Services, has over 20 years of experience in wildlife management. He provides services primarily to airports, but also for public inquiries on nuisance wildlife, protected species and the environment. He has helped improve the wildlife programs at several airports, participated to the elaboration and review of 33 Airport Wildlife Plans and has trained over 600 wildlife management specialists worldwide. Over the past few years, his team has developed an innovative approach and software for airport wildlife risk assessment based on SMS, and monitoring programs built around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Since 2011, M. Molina has also acted as member of the Bird Strike Committee Canada board of directors.

Gary Searing, Airport Wildlife Management International

Mr. Searing is a wildlife biologist with specialized expertise in hazard management of wildlife at airports.  Mr. Searing has been involved in the assessment, planning, monitoring and management of wildlife associated with Vancouver International Airport since 1989.  Mr. Searing takes a science-based approach to wildlife management at airports with a management philosophy based on animal behaviour and ecology and the use of innovative methods. Mr. Searing has completed wildlife management plans, risk assessments and trained more than 200 personnel in wildlife management and control at airports around the world and has presented the results of his work to Bird Strike Committee Canada, Bird Strike Committee USA, the Transport Canada Safety Review Committee and Airports Council International. He is the executive director of the Bird Strike Committee Canada and an ICAO technical consultant in the field of wildlife hazards to aircraft.