Bruce MacKinnon Memorial Award

The Bruce MacKinnon Memorial Award is presented every two years at the North American Bird Strike Conference co-hosted by Birdstrike Canada and Bird Strike Committee-USA. The entire membership of Birdstrike Canada is eligible and encouraged to vote.

The next award will be presented in 2021. Although there will not be a North American conference in 2021, the award  will be presented at the AGM for the Bird Strike Association of Canada this fall (held in person and on-line)

Although nominations for the 2021 award are closed, nominations are still open for future awards. Send your nomination along with a photo and short bio of the person you wish to nominate to

Currently the nominees for the Bruce Mackinnon Award for 2021 are:

Dr. W. John Richardson, LGL Limited

John is a specialist in bird migration and avian hazards to aircraft. His academic training was in animal behaviour. Much of Dr. Richardson’s research, since the mid-1960s, has concerned bird hazards to aircraft and bird movements over many parts of Canada, the U.S.A., and Puerto Rico. He is internationally known for his work on the effects of weather on the timing and characteristics of bird movements, including radar and visual studies, analyses, and reviews. His recent bird hazard to aircraft work has included landfill studies and analyses of the circumstances of serious birdstrike accidents, especially involving military aircraft. He has contributed numerous papers to bird strike conferences in Canada, North America and internationally. He is a current member of the Bird Strike Association of Canada.

Jeff Marley, Margo Supplies

In Jeff Marley’s 41 year career in wildlife management his advice and innovations have informed and supported wildlife programs at most Canadian airports.  His constant experimentation and innovation has provided more non-lethal options for deterring wildlife. He was the original inventor of the first radio controlled scare-cannon, now a standard tool across the country. Known to most for his frank, honest, and practical advise, he has been an unofficial advisor to many in the field. Some of his contributions include being a strong proponent of a systems-based approach to deterrents, an advocate for the use of affordable tools rather than the newest gadget, and introduction of visual pyrotechnics.

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