Military Training Plane of Turkish Stars Team Crashed in Konya

Military Training Plane of Turkish Stars Team Crashed in Konya

Dec 6, 2022 News by Gary Searing

The pilot is alive, he managed to eject.

In the Karatay district of Konya, the F-5 plane belonging to the Turkish Stars team crashed as a result of a bird strike. The pilot reportedly escaped by jumping out of the plane.

Ministry of National Defense of Turkey noted that the pilot is alive having managed to eject. “The Turkish Stars F-5 aircraft crashed in Konya due to a collision with a bird and engine failure. Our pilot jumped out of the plane and survived, he was sent to the hospital for the necessary control and treatment. Our pilot is healthy,” the message reads.

Planes crash in Russia

We will remind you that recently in Russia there has been an increase in air crashes involving military aircraft. Yes, on October 23 in Russian Irkutsk military aircraft fell on a residential building. The crew was unable to eject, resulting in the death of both pilots.

October 17 to a residential building a military plane crashed in another settlement of the Russian Federation – in the city of Yeisk. According to the official data of that day, four people died, another 25 were injured.

Later, on December 2, a MiG-31 fighter jet crashed in the Primorsky Krai of Russia. The crew ejected, the plane fell in a deserted place, so no one was injured.

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