The Bird Strike Association of Canada (BSAC aka Birdstrike Canada) is a leader in airport wildlife strike prevention.  By fostering dialogue within the industry, the BSAC seeks and advances innovative ideas in aviation safety.  Our mandate includes setting standards, promoting best practices, exchanging information, addressing industry issues by formulating effective strategies and implementing change through regulatory means.


The Bird Strike Association of Canada is a not-for-profit entity guided by a board of directors drawn from individuals and organizations with responsibilities for and/or interests in the management of wildlife hazards at airports. The association holds annual meetings and is the Canadian host of the North American Bird Strike Conference held jointly by Birdstrike Canada and Bird Strike Committee-USA.

The association maintains an advisory committee (Bird Strike Committee Canada – BSCC) with representatives from government, airports and the private sector. The committee is meant to provide a forum for communication of news, discussion, ideas and information that will enable those responsible for airport wildlife risk reduction to better perform their roles and to stay connected with others conducting airport wildlife mitigation work throughout Canada.

Membership is open to public and private organizations and to individuals.

Who is part of the BSAC?

  • Airports
  • Wildlife Hazard to Aircraft Managers
  • Wildlife Biologists
  • Airport Consultants
  • Airlines
  • ATC Personnel
  • Pilot Associations
  • Wildlife Hazard Prevention Equipment Suppliers
  • Wildlife Hazard Prevention Technology Providers
  • Department of National Defence (DND)
  • Transport Canada personnel
  • Aircraft Owners
  • Aircraft Manufacturers


The goal of Birdstrike Canada is to promote the best practice of wildlife management at airports in order to reduce the risk of wildlife strikes to aircraft. We believe that there is a need for ongoing research and the dissemination of existing information. Promoting recurrent training and direct communication with members through this website and our newsletter as well as hosting annual workshops and conferences are means to that end. Our vision is to embrace the entire aviation industry in Canada so that we may fully share the expertise present in Canada.