Moody jet hits bird, drops 3 dummy bombs over N. Florida

Moody jet hits bird, drops 3 dummy bombs over N. Florida

Jul 1, 2019 News by Gary Searing
And since birds are causing bombs to fall from the sky, we thought we would post yeat another one… MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. (AP/WCTV) – The Air Force says it’s investigating after a fighter jet from Moody AFB struck a bird and dropped three dummy bombs used for training over North Florida. Moody AFB […]

Boeing’s Crashes Expose Reliance on Sensors Vulnerable to Damage

Apr 12, 2019 News by Gary Searing
The crashes of two Boeing Co. 737 Max jets in five months have focused attention on a little-known device that malfunctioned, starting a chain reaction that sent the planes into deadly dives. Pilots have for decades relied on the weather-vane-like “angle of attack” sensors to warn them when they near a dangerous aerodynamic stall. But […]

B738, Rome Ciampino Italy, 2008

Apr 1, 2019 News by Gary Searing
Description On 10 November 2008, a Boeing 737-800 (EI-DYG) being operated by Ryanair on a scheduled passenger flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Rome Ciampino as FR4102 flew through a dense flock of birds shortly before landing off an ILS approach to Ciampino’s runway 15 in day VMC. Multiple bird strikes occurred. After loss of engine […]

GoAir A320 crew shut down wrong engine after birdstrike

Feb 5, 2019 News by Gary Searing
Indian investigators have disclosed that the crew of a GoAir Airbus A320 shut down the wrong engine after experiencing powerplant vibrations following a birdstrike on take-off. The aircraft (VT-GOS) had been departing runway 09 at Delhi, bound for Mumbai, on 21 June 2017. At around 115kt the aircraft suffered a birdstrike on the right-hand CFM […]