Pakistan launches awareness campaigns to prevent collisions between birds and aircraft

Pakistan launches awareness campaigns to prevent collisions between birds and aircraft

Jun 27, 2023 News by Gary Searing

Aviation officials urge safe disposal of animal remains on Eid to minimise incidents.

Islamabad: As Pakistan prepares to celebrate Eid Al Adha, aviation authorities and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have launched a series of public awareness campaigns to address the increasing threat of bird strikes near airports.

Signboards have been put up and pamphlets have been distributed in the vicinity of the airports to emphasize the importance of safe disposal of animal remains after Eid, cautioning that the carcasses and remains of sacrificial animals pose a hazard to the aircraft as they attract a large number of birds. The aviation authorities have urged the public to prioritize cleanliness and public safety.

Bird-strike events are relatively common for low-flying military aircraft and mostly occur during the landing phases of flight. While most of these incidents are usually benign, bird strikes can have significant economic and occasional safety consequences for flight operations. To reduce the risks and consequences of a bird strike, several airports across the country have begun proactive measures as Eid Al Adha increases the danger further since many vicinities in the cities are not properly cleaned even after the festivity.

Campaigns at airports

At Islamabad International Airport, a meeting of the Environmental Control Committee was held this week to discuss a comprehensive bird strike awareness campaign. Banners were displayed at the airport and in the surrounding areas to warn about the threat birds pose to aircraft.

The management is also collaborating with the district administration and police to conduct a public awareness campaign. The meeting also addressed other concerns, including laser light incidents, drone flights, and maintaining a structure-free zone around the airport.

At Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, a dedicated campaign emphasized the proper disposal of sacrificial remains. Informative pamphlets were distributed, banners were displayed, and disposal bags were provided to the local population. Shopkeepers, food outlets, and hotel owners were educated about the significance of proper food waste management.

Effective waste management

“The aim of the campaign is to create awareness that bird collisions with aircraft can cause major accidents” according to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson. Airport management engaged in meetings with local authorities, community and religious leaders to highlight the importance of cleanliness and safe air travel through responsible waste disposal.

Similarly, Gilgit International Airport also initiated a bird strike hazard awareness campaign. Door-to-door visits, brochure distribution, and awareness sessions were conducted to educate residents about the dangers posed by sacrificial waste during Eid Al Adha and monsoon season.

To ensure effective waste management, the Environmental Control Officer would coordinate with local authorities for regular garbage removal and disposal.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has also released a video message aimed to raise public awareness and ensure the cleanliness of their surroundings. The message urges hygiene, cautioning that the entrails, offal and other remains of sacrificial animals thrown at unspecified places on the occasion of Eid attract large birds like eagles and vultures. “These birds often collide with high-speed aircraft and cause havoc, causing loss of aircraft, pilots and precious lives” the statement reads.

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