Author: Gary Searing

Drone-Based Bird-Herding Is Taking Off

Oct 24, 2018 News by Gary Searing
  Collisions with birds can threaten the integrity of airplanes and the safety of their passengers. Now scientists are developing ways to use drones to herd flocks of birds away from airports, potentially helping prevent dangerous bird strikes. Tough To Fool Collisions that birds and other wildlife have with aircraft cause more than $1.2 billion […]

Scientists Find Googly Eyes Effective at Reducing Bird/Plane Collisions

Oct 22, 2018 News by Gary Searing
Photograph by Anthony Boigné   A new research paper published in the scientific journal PLoS One has found google eyes to be effective at reducing bird-on-plane collisions at airports. A team of scientists from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the University of Rennes, with some help from the Airbus corporation, applied their […]

Birds of a Feather

Oct 15, 2018 News by Gary Searing
Engineers at Caltech have developed a new control algorithm that enables a single drone to herd an entire flock of birds away from the airspace of an airport. The algorithm is presented in a study in IEEE Transactions on Robotics. The project was inspired by the 2009 “Miracle on the Hudson,” when US Airways Flight 1549 […]

These wildlife species pose the greatest threat to planes: FAA

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials have updated the protocol for reviewing wildlife hazards at US airports, including a ranking of wildlife by the level of threat that they pose to flights. The rankings published in a recent Advisory Circular (AC) intend to guide airport wildlife management personnel and inspectors in prioritizing the wildlife that should […]

Liability for damages caused by bird strikes

Introduction On 7 March 2018 the Supreme Court for Administrative Law heard a case where no choice needed to be made – an airplane engine and a bird had collided and met their respective fates. Bird strikes are not uncommon in civil aviation: every year there are approximately 5,000 to 6,000 incidents costing $1.2 billion […]

Autonomous drones could herd birds away from airports

Bird strikes on aircraft may be rare, but not so rare that airports shouldn’t take precautions against them. But keeping birds away is a difficult proposition: How do you control the behavior of flocks of dozens or hundreds of birds? Perhaps with a drone that autonomously picks the best path to do so, like this […]