Author: Gary Searing

Bird strike damages Airbus radome

Jul 6, 2020 News by Gary Searing
A US passenger jet was forced to divert and land after it reported a problem with its navigation equipment. The Delta Airlines A319 was carrying 43 passengers between Palm Beach, Florida, and New York’s LaGuardia airport on Monday night when the navigation issue forced it to land at JFK airport. When the plane landed, the […]

Bird strike may have been cause of Snowbird fatal crash in Kamloops

Jun 1, 2020 News by Gary Searing
Canadian air force crash investigators are looking at a bird strike as the probable cause of the crash of a Snowbird demonstration jet in Kamloops, British Columbia last month. The accident killed Capt. Jenn Casey, the public affairs officer for the aerobatics team. In a preliminary report issued Monday, investigators said video footage from the […]

Airport Bird Strike Prevention

Apr 12, 2020 News by Gary Searing
Bird strikes are quite often an unavoidable consequence of human activity around areas that are popular with wildlife. Whilst bird strikes are not all that common, they do happen and can have dangerous consequences. As a result, many airports around the world must factor wildlife management programs into their operations. Here’s how they work… Why do bird […]

Bird Strike Causes a Near Runway Collision in Toronto

Mar 19, 2020 News by Gary Searing
Two Air Canada aircraft were in a near-miss earlier this month, as both accelerated down the same runway at the same time. The aircraft involved were a Boeing 777-300 and an Embraer E190 trying to take off from Toronto Airport on the 7th March. Both aircraft aborted takeoff and successfully avoided collision; all passengers are reported […]

Pilot Killed During Rehearsal for Pakistan Parade

Mar 11, 2020 News by Gary Searing
The F-16 crash in Islamabad occurred during preparation for the annual Pakistan Day commemoration. ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A Pakistani Air Force pilot died when his F-16 fighter jet crashed in the capital, Islamabad, on Wednesday during a training exercise for a military parade celebrating the country’s national day, officials said. No other casualties were reported, […]

Reducing Wildlife Hazards at Nigerian Airports

Feb 18, 2020 News by Gary Searing
Worried by the risk posed to flight operations by wildlife, especially birds, the current helmsman at the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Rabiu Yadudu, an experienced pilot with a fair share of bird strike incidents, has taken yet another bold step to confront the problem head-on. Previous administrations had appreciated the challenge and the […]

Canada Geese struck on approach to Victoria

Jan 15, 2020 News by Gary Searing
A WestJet Boeing 737-800 bound for Victoria from Calgary has landed in Vancouver after striking a flock of birds on Tuesday, smashing the aircraft’s nose cone in. A statement by the airplines said a decision was made to divert to Vancouver due to the availability of maintenance resources. It said the flight landed normally and […]

The serious issue of bird strikes in Nigeria

Dec 2, 2019 News by Gary Searing
Flying birds ‘interface with aircraft is increasingly becoming a recurring headache for  the global aviation industry. Huge cost borne by airlines to replace  damaged engines and the attendant  effects on  air safety is forcing airport authorities to evolve containment measures,  writes KELVIN OSA OKUNBOR. Birds strike is causing incalculable damage to the global air transport industry […]

San Antonio’s Bird Island is no more

Dec 2, 2019 News by Gary Searing
Work crews soon will begin trimming trees and clearing underbrush at Bird Island, a haven for about 1,000 cattle egrets at Elmendorf Lake, to help prevent a potentially catastrophic bird strike involving military aircraft. Under a timeline announced by the city and the San Antonio River Authority, the crews will begin cutting and trimming Monday. […]