Author: Gary Searing

New atlas of bird migration shows extraordinary journeys

Sep 15, 2022 News by Gary Searing
A bay-breasted warbler weighs about the same as four pennies, but twice a year makes an extraordinary journey. The tiny songbird flies nearly 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers) between Canada’s spruce forests and its wintering grounds in northern South America. “Migratory birds are these little globetrotters,” said Jill Deppe, the senior director of the migratory bird […]

Going to the Birds to Prevent Hazardous Strikes

Sep 3, 2022 News by Gary Searing
Promising research suggests UV lights mounted on helicopters and planes drive birds away from aircraft…and danger. The FAA is researching new and potentially game-changing technology that significantly reduces the chances of birds striking general aviation aircraft. The technology inverts the customary approach to bird hazards, namely how pilots can avoid or maneuver around birds. The […]

New Laser Technology Could Cut Bird Strikes At Airports

Aug 1, 2022 News by Gary Searing
The AI makes decisions on target detection, tracking, aiming and firing, while the video camera captures real-time images of the assigned airspace. While the occurrence of bird strikes is not usually a cause of concern, it can become an issue if the bird makes contact with vital or fragile aircraft components. Airports worldwide have had dedicated airside departments […]

Wildlife Is a Growing Threat to GA Pilots in the Summer

May 17, 2022 News by Gary Searing
Reported strikes have increased greatly in recent years, so how can you prevent one? As we enter the summer months, one thing pilots increasingly have to contend with is the risk of hitting wildlife—aside from bad weather and long traffic lines. Here’s some startling insight: the FAA says the number of wildlife strikes reported per year increased […]

Gulls can be kept in check

May 16, 2022 News by Gary Searing
An aviation expert is confident the Dunedin City Council can keep gulls away from its planned landfill south of the city. The hearing on the the council’s Smooth Hill landfill application begins this week and will feature competing experts presenting evidence before independent commissioners in Dunedin over seven days. Questions about consultation, effects on the […]