Airports Commission sink Boris Johnson’s estuary airport plans

Airports Commission sink Boris Johnson’s estuary airport plans

Nov 23, 2014 News by Gary Searing

By Adam Bienkov

Boris Johnson's dreams of moving Heathrow airport to the Thames Estuary took a major setback today after an investigation found it would cause huge environmental, financial and safety risks.
A study for by the Airports Commission found that a new estuary airport on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent, would cause "large scale direct habitat loss" to hundreds of thousands of migrating birds.
The cost of creating replacement habitats could exceed £2 billion and may not even be possible, the report found.
Even if replacement habitat could be found, planes using the airport would still be at a "high risk" of lethal bird strike.
In order to counter this risk, even larger areas of habitat would need to be destroyed to secure the airport.

Johnson was today urged to abandon the project. "The Airport’s Commission has confirmed what a costly environmental disaster the mayor’s Thames Estuary Airport represents," Green Party London Assembly member Darren Johnson said. "The Mayor needs to abandon this ill-conceived project."

The report also found huge regulatory hurdles to any potential estuary airport going ahead.
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