Moody jet hits bird, drops 3 dummy bombs over N. Florida

Moody jet hits bird, drops 3 dummy bombs over N. Florida

Jul 1, 2019 News by Gary Searing

And since birds are causing bombs to fall from the sky, we thought we would post yeat another one…

MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. (AP/WCTV) – The Air Force says it’s investigating after a fighter jet from Moody AFB struck a bird and dropped three dummy bombs used for training over North Florida.

Moody AFB Dummy Bombs

Moody Air Force Base north of Valdosta said in a news release there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage after the 25-pound nonexplosive training munitions were dropped Monday afternoon by an A-10C Thunderbolt II jet. The base said a “bird strike” had caused “an inadvertent release” of the three dummy bombs.

The Air Force said it didn’t know exactly where the training bombs landed. The suspected area was 2 kilometers west of Highway 129 near Suwannee Springs. That’s north of Live Oak in Suwannee County, Florida, about 54 miles south of the base. The Air Force said the dummy bombs, though inert, contain small pyrotechnic charges and should not be handled.

The Suwannee County sheriff tells WCTV dispatchers have not had any calls about the incident. We’ve reached out to Hamilton County’s sheriff to see if his department had any reports of the dummy bombs. WCTV has a reporter on the scene in the area Tuesday looking for more information on where the bombs fell. We’re also reaching out to Moody Air Force Base seeking an update.

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